The hilarious name of this Saint Laurent bag

03 June 2016

Handbag names are usually pretty boring, especially those from Yves Saint Laurent. In the past they had names like Cabas, Sac du Jour or Monogramme Envelope. That’s why it came as an surprise that one of Yves Saint Laurent’s newest bags is called the Blogger Bag.  


Since the rise of the blogs, ‘blogger’ has become a somewhat derogatory term in the fashion industry. This because the word is very loosely applied and has therefore garnered quite a bit of critique. Which is probably why Yves Saint Laurent called their least expensive bag after the term. It probably was an in-joke in the industry that Yves Saint Laurent couldn’t resist to make. 

The Blogger Bag is the least expensive day bag of the brand and comes at a cost of $995,- . It is made of leather and features a big YSL logo, a tassel and a long shoulder strap.