In honor of Second Hand September we asked Glamour, Vogue and JAN why they shop vintage

17 September 2019

September is the fashion month of the year and therefore thé month to think about making more sustainable choices regarding fashion. Why? Because more than 100 billion pieces of clothing are made every year and a large part of that is never worn. In addition, 11 million pieces are thrown away every week. This is, of course, detrimental to the environment and does not contribute to a more sustainable world. That is why Oxfam created Second Hand September.

The idea of Second Hand September is to not buy new clothes for a whole month. And if you really can't help yourself, choose to buy vintage! This way you give pieces a second life. Second-hand has several advantages. Besides that it's more sustainable and better for the environment, you are less likely to meet someone who wears the same thing. This way you'll make sure your outfit is always unique (score!). 

At Designer-Vintage, we think it’s important to give new life to designer items. Not only do we contribute to a more sustainable world, we give people the chance to buy their dream designer bag for an affordable price, it's a win-win! Luckily, our colleagues feel the same way. We asked 5 of them to talk about the importance of buying and selling vintage and share their experiences with our platform.

1. Anke de Jong is editor-in-chief at Glamour and fashion & lifestyle expert at SBS6. Anke is a strong believer of girl power. She finds it important that you show the best version of yourself and believes that you can achieve anything you want, as long as you work hard for it.

"I'm happy to be able to sell items that I've worn with a lot of love. I like the idea that my clothes, bags and accessories get a second life. This way, other women can wear my items with a lot of love. I see it as a way of making sustainable money, because the quality of designer items always keeps its value."

2. Esther Goedegebuure is editor-in-chief at JAN and has been doing this for years with a lot of passion and pleasure. She is very proud of the fact that in a declining market JAN has a positive index on sales every month.  

"Who can't be fond of vintage shopping? You can buy the most fantastic finds and it's also the most sustainable way to buy. Designer-Vintage is a good place for vintage shopping. It cleans up so nicely and with the proceeds you can treat yourself with something 'new'."

3. Sanne Groot Koerkamp is editor-in-chief at Quest. Previously, she has been editor-in-chief of Glamour and she has published several pieces for het Financieele Dagblad, Trouw and Viva.

"I prefer to buy second-hand designer items because they are long-lasting and of good quality. It really gives me a kick to find an item of good quality ánd a good price. I also think it's important to give clothes a second life. When I buy something new I feel like I'm contributing to the overproduction, while when I buy something second-hand I feel like I'm contributing to a better life, and that makes me feel really good!"

4. Nieke Mulder is brand manager at Vogue. After graduating in Fashion & Branding at AMFI and doing several internships within the fashion industry, she found her place at Vogue. As brand manager of Vogue she makes sure that Vogue continues to innovate, challenge and above all inspire every day.

"I think it's very important that we be more aware about what we buy. By making small changes we can actually help the world to be a more sustainable place. I try to contribute by buying more and more vintage instead of fast fashion. The quality is usually better and every piece is one-of-a-kind. And every once in a while I sell the stuff that I no longer wear. For example, I brought some items to the Designer-Vintage Pop-up hoping I can make someone else happy with it."

5. Last but not least, the creative director of Glamour: Saskia van Langevelde. In recent years, Saskia has gained a great deal of experience at ELLE, VOGUE and, of course, Glamour. She travels all over the world for her job, but even though she now works in a glamorous world, she remains sober. She is also in love with the 3 C's: Céline, Coca Cola and Chanel.

"I love vintage shopping. It's cheaper, it's sustainable and if you find something you really like, it looks like you've won the lottery."

Want to join Second Hand September? Swing by the Pop-up Store and maybe you will be the proud new owner of one of the designer items of Anke, Esther, Sanne, Nieke or Saskia. 

Designer-Vintage Pop-up Store | 17-22 september | Hobbemastraat 3, Amsterdam