How to bring home the Birkin

Getty Images
10 March 2016

Bringing home the Birkin of your dreams, isn't as easy as buying your regular designer bag. Next to the extremely high price of the Birkin, it's also hard to simply find one for sale. Hermès stores rarely display the bag and when you ask for one, sales associates tell you they are sold out or they offer to put you on a waiting list (that takes years). But there's is still hope! Apparently you can cheat your way into owning a Birkin.

1. Just go to the store and ask
Sometimes you just get lucky. There have been several stories of customers simply walking in the Hermès boutique and enquiring about a Birkin. Just ask the sales associate and perhaps you'll walk out with your very own Birkin bag.

2. Build up a reputation at Hermès
When you’re not as lucky, try to build up a reputation by buying many items from Hermès, like bracelets and scarves over a long period of time. Buy a bunch of really expensive stuff at the Hermès store first, then casually ask for a bag, and they might tell you "we have a Birkin in the back for you". 



3. Work around the brand
If you don’t have a personal connection to a sales associate try to work around the brand with other connections. It has been said that people who are good customers of American Express, called the creditcard company to tell them they wanted to buy a Birkin Bag. American Express called a few stores and within an hour they could pick up a Birkin from the store. 

4. Let’s go to Vegas 
Getting a Birkin depends on how much money Hermès thinks you have. That’s why it’s a good idea to step on the plane to Las Vegas when you want to bring a Birkin home. It is said that Hermès treats customers better in Las Vegas because they literally can’t tell who has money or not. Many people who shop at Hermès in Las Vegas have never been in a Hermès store before. If they were as snooty as other locations they would lose business. 

5. Find one on our platform
The one and only shortcut to your own Birkin! When the waiting list is killing you or even if you just have a love for vintage Birkins, Designer-Vintage is your go-to destination. From exotic python skin bags to a classic black Birkin from the nineties, your Birkin is waiting for you (no waiting list neccessary).