How to care for Christian Louboutin footwear

26 November 2015

Louboutins represent shoe-royalty. Designers, street style stars, bloggers and all of Hollywood. They all can't seem to get enough of those eye-catching red soles. And while this sole is one of the main reasons why we adore the design, it can be quite easily damaged. These precious heels really need some TLC every once in a while and because we love to share knowledge with our community, we've listed the best tips to keep them bright and shiny.



Avoid the rain
Louboutins don't do well with rainy weather. Therefore it is best that you avoid wearing them on wet days. If some unexpected weather causes trouble, you can clean your heels with a soft doth. Suede heels should be left alone until completely dry. And please note, shoe polish should only be purchased in the Louboutin stores as they'll make sure the polish and your heels are a perfect match.

Make that red last
Keep your heels strong by replacing your heel taps every once in a while. And if you can't stand your red sole wearing of, have them covered by red rubber soles (which also makes walking a lot comfier).

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