How Chanel helped to recreate Jackie Kennedy's iconic pink suit

16 December 2016

When imagining Jackie Kennedy, it's hard to visualise her without her signature bespoke suits. Undoubtedly, one of her most iconic deux-pièces is the pink Chanel suit, which she wore on the 22nd of November in 1963. That morning, her husband and president of the United States of America, suggested she wore something that would impress the conservative and wealthy republicans in Dallas. 


Blood-stained Chanel tweed
Jackie Kennedy opted for a bright pink two-piece with a matching pillorbox hat. Little did she know that her sartorial choice would become an essential part of history. 2 hours later John F. Kennedy was shot and died in her arms, an event that would shake the very core of America. The news camera's immortalized the image of Jackie Kennedy in a blood-stained Chanel suit. The First Lady refused the change clothes: “Let them see what they’ve done", she answered.

How Chanel helped to recreate the sixties suit
For the film Jackie, which opens in theates early 2017, costume designer Madeline Fontaine worked closely with the house of Chanel: “When they saw the fabric, the color, and the way we made it, they agreed to give us the buttons, so it was a real achievement,” Fontaine said. “And now they would like one for their archives.” 

Jackie the icon
Costume plays a huge part in the new film, which explores the emotional rollercoaster that Mrs. Kennedy experienced in the four days after the assassination. "Jackie’s fashion is one of the elements that we all know from her,” director Pablo Larraín explains. “But that was just the door to get into her sensibility and experience throughout all these dark days.”