How to choose your first designer bag

06 July 2016

Brands you love
Choose a bag from a brand that you absolutely love, not a brand that your favorite celebrity is wearing at that moment. In this way you won’t regret your purchase and it won’t feel like a waste of your money

Make it a classic
Isn’t it the worst thing to plunder your whole savings account, to buy a designer bag that goes completely out of style the next season? The most expensive things that you buy should always be classics. Items that you keep in your closet forever, as they never go out of style. 

You can’t go wrong with black
While you might think your smitten with a bold pink Chanel or are in love with that statement cobalt blue Birkin, it might not be the best choice for your designer bag. A neutral color is much more versatile and will be easier to combine with garments in brighter hues. You'll also tire quite quickly of a bold color, whereas black or grey will always stay chic. 


What can you afford?
This probably the most important one of all, ask yourself how much you are willing to spend on a bag and what bag could you afford. Falling in love with a designer bag at first makes you easily forget that you’re actually broke. So don't start out with a Birkin as your first designer bag and buy a bag that you absolutely love ánd can afford. 

Resale value
Check out the resale value of the item before you buy it. When you do fall out of love with an item, it is reassuring to know you could always resell it for a reasonable price. When you're lucky you could even resell it for more than your orginal investment. Check out our article on the 5 designer bags with the best resale value.

Which material do you choose?
Just because something has a high price tag, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s well made. When you buy an item make sure you pay attention the material it is made of. When you choose to buy a leather bag, the kind of leather depends on how well you treat your bags. Are you a chaotic person? Then you might want to choose for treated leather as untreated leather tends to stain more easily.