How to clean a cloth designer bag

25 June 2016

Your favorite designer bag probably means the world to you and you would hate for it to lose it luster. Unfortunately, with everyday wear, a fabric bag tends get a little stained. So it's only normal that your bag needs a big cleaning every once in a while.

As every fabric is different, each material needs its own cleaning method and product. We share our best tips to make sure your velvet Chanel 2.55 or satin Lady Dior lasts a lifetime. 

If your cotton bag has food or dirt stains try to use a mild soap to remove the stains. Put a little bit of the soap on a damp soft sponge. First squeeze the sponge a bit to get rid of excess water. Then gently dab the canvas whereafter you use a damp cloth to lift the soap off. Make sure you do not rub or scrub the fabric.

Velvet is a incredibly stubborn to deal with when it comes to maintenance. Cleaning a velvet bag, however, is pretty simple. All you need is a steamer, a dry cloth and a soft brush. If your velvet bag has any spots, lightly steam them with your steamer. Immediately after this dry it with the cloth anf finish it with a soft brush. Keep in mind to never place the steamer directly on the spot as that can damage the material. 

Satin is the most difficult to clean of all fabrics. If your satin bag has stains its best to bring it to a place where they are specialized in cleaning bags. If you’re willing to take a chance on cleaning it yourself, here’s one solution that has proven to be successful in some circumstances. Mix a small amount of detergent with cool water in bowl. Dip a soft cloth into the solution and blot the stained area of the satin. Finally, allow it to air dry, then repeat if necessary.