How to clean your Chanel bag in 3 easy steps

12 November 2015

Your Chanel bag probably means the world to you and you would hate for it to lose it luster. Unfortunately, with everyday wear, a Chanel bag tends to lose some of its shine and might even get a little stained. So it's only normal that your Chanel piece needs a big cleaning every once in a while.

Because we love to share our best tips and tricks with our community, we've written down an easy to follow 3-step-plan to get your Chanel bag in tip-top shape. Please note that these tips should only be used on leather.

Step 1: Grab a microfiber doth
The first step is to clean your bag (on the inside and outside) with a microfiber doth. The dirt will stick onto the doth and the microfiber material is safe for your bag. You can buy the microfiber doth at any convenience store or supermarket. 

Step 2: Clean your bag with saddle soap
It’s very important that you use a transparent saddle soap for your leather Chanel bag. Another tip is to start with a test on the bottom (or the back) to make sure it works with your tint of leather.

Take a soft sponge and and use a very small amount of saddle soap. Gently dip the sponge on the stains and let it settle for a couple minutes. For the next step you take a clean sponge and gently massage the leather in little circles. This rinses the soap out of the stains. Be patient, the stain will disappear after a few minutes.

Step 3: Use leather shoe conditioner
Wait until your bag is completely dry! Finish your TLC session by treating your bag with leather shoe conditioner. Make sure that you use the same color protector as your lovely Chanel bag.

After these easy three steps, your bag is cleaned and ready to join you on new adventures!