How to clean your Hermès bag

03 February 2016

While big clean-ups should only be done by professionals, your prized posession will need some monthly TLC to keep it in its best condition. We share our best tips on how to clean you Hermès bag and how to keep it pristine condition.

1. Cleaning:

  • You can accomplish a lot with baby wipes but make sure that these are PH-neutral and alcohol-, chlorine- and perfume free. They successfully eliminate stains and marks. To get rid of the lingering moisture from the baby wipes follow-up by wiping the bag down with a soft, dry cloth. 
  • For extensive cleaning or when you're bag has become discolored or heavily stained, we always advise to use the Hermès spa service.

2. Keeping it pristine:

  • Keep your bag away from sunlight
    Exposing your beauty to sunlight can cause discoloring or it can dry out the leather causing cracks.
  • Protect against rain
    Hermès bags don’t do well with rainy weather. Try not take your bag with you when it’s raining or use the raincoat Hermès provides. 
  • Keep your hands clean
    Always keep your hands clean and dry when handling the bag. Cosmetics or lotions on your hands can discolor the leather or cause stains. 
  • Avoid extreme temperatures
    Extreme temperatures aren’t the best for your Hermès bag either, exposure to low and high temperatures can damage the leather. Especially crocodile is highly susceptible. Try to keep your bag away from heat sources. 
  • Let it breathe
    Tucking your bag away in an airtight and preventing it from heat and water doesn’t mean nothing will happen to your bag. If you put it in a box make sure you leave the lid open. An airtight environment can cause a dry, cracked bag.