How to Clean your Louis Vuitton Bag

28 January 2016

When you've saved for that one Louis Vuitton dream bag for a long time, a stain on your bag may seem like the end of the world. Although Louis Vuitton bags are considered to be one of the most durable bags you will still have give it some 'TLC' every once in a while.

As every Louis Vuitton bag is made from a different material, each bag needs its own cleaning method and product. We share our best tips to make sure your Louis Vuitton lasts a lifetime.

1. Canvas
Canvas is a really sustainable material as it is water-resistant and doesn’t lose its color like leather does. But even canvas isn’t indestructible and can pick up a mark or two. When you're cleaning the stains, make sure to use a damp cloth and gently rub on the stain. Follow up with a dry cloth to remove any excessive moisture. If this doesn't get the mark out, then dip a cloth in a solution of mild soap (that is formulated for vinyl) and water. Then wipe it off with another damp cloth and finish by wiping the bag dry.

2. Vachetta  
Vachetta is the leather trim that is found on many Louis Vuitton bags. When your bag is brand new it will be a light beige color, which over time gradually darkens to beautiful patina. To keep the leather from turning brown to quickly or uneven, it is important to treat it regularly. Try to clean the trims often with baby wipes (look for alcohol free ones as they don’t dry out the bag). If the leather of your Louis Vuitton bag is already darkened or dirty, then you should condition it with Apple leather conditioner. This conditioner is made specifically for leather, and prevents darkening and cracks.

3. Vernis
Vernis is made from patent calfskin leather and just like the Vachetta leather, it is susceptible to fading and marks. Vernis is actually more sensitive to color change because of the techniques that are used to achieve its glossy look. Make sure to protect your Vernis baby from heat sources and materials that might stain it. Color transfer happens quite easily with the Vernis, so be aware! When cleaning your Vernis only use water and a damp cloth to maintain the shiny look of the bag.