How to clean your suede designer bag

Song of Style
11 February 2016

1. Rub the purse
Use a clean, dry cloth and rub it on your purse to clear surface marks and water spots. Don’t press to hard as it will spoil the texture of the suede. 

2. Brushing
To clear dust from your purse and restore the fine appearance of your bag, use a brush. Don’t do this with a regular brush but buy one from a leather specialty store. 

3. Stain Removal
Stains are a suede bag’s worst nightmare due to its high absorbency rate. To remove stains from a suede bag use a soft pencil eraser or fine grade sandpaper. Rub gently at the stain with the eraser until the stain clears. After you removed the stains, rub down the bag with a clean cloth or brush. 

4. Conditioning
After you cleaned your suede bag it is a good idea to condition it. This gives the bag a new look and helps to maintain its appearance for longer. Condition it by putting a little conditioner onto a buffing cloth. Make sure you use a conditioner specially made for suede. Rub it gently into the bag with short, steady strokes. It is best to begin rubbing on the inside, turn the bag inside out to make the conditioning easier. After you have cleaned the inside and outside of the bag rub the along the seams and corners, these require extra effort as they are harder to clean. When your done with the inside of the bag, use the same routine for the outside. 

5. Periodic Professional Cleaning
Even though you clean your bag regularly, take your bag to a professional suede cleaner once a year. This is certainly worth the money as it keeps your beauty in a perfect state forever. The cleaner will give your bag a thorough clean and a special treatment that you wouldn’t be able to do by yourself.