How the Dior Runway bag saved the French fashion house

19 September 2016

It hasn't been easy for the house of Dior the past few years. Ofcourse their collections are fabulous and their items that are still loved and bought by many. Nevertheless, the change of creative directors in a very short time span has given the house some stress. Especially when there was no direct successor after Raf Simons left. How could you possibly create new collections without an creative director? 

No success without successor? 
After the John Galliano debacle, Raf Simons fixed the reputation of the house and designed many gorgeous bags. Obviously, there was a little panic in October 2015 when Raf announced to leave the house, as there was no successor yet. It meant a smaller team, with no big-name designer would be responsible for creating a Ready-To-Wear collection and accessories line for fall 2016. In the mean time, Dior has found a new creative director. At the beginning of summer 2016, it was announced that Maria Grazia Chiuri would leave Valentino for Dior. 


Parisian elegance 
Luckily the house of Dior knows their signature style well and stayed true to their Parisian elegance and to the products that Dior customers want to buy. The fall 2016 collections have the minimalist vision that Raf gave to the house, but also kept to the values of the house. The collection was introduced in February and the Runway Bag dangled down the arms of every model, in various colours, textures and fabrics, beaded and adorned with fringe and floral prints. The silhouette of the bag stayed the same, looking like a rectangular version of the Lady Dior bag. This is the bag that made Dior a successful name in fashion. 

Ladylike charm 
Dior decided wisely not to pass this opportunity, as fashion week is still the biggest fashion event, but to embrace it with what they had. Bringing ladylike charm and classical styles to the runway was a move that might have been a little predictable, but on the other hand, that is what Dior lovers want to see. The Runway bag is simple and sophisticated and the exotic textiles are in high demand. Eventhough the Runway bag follows the Lady Dior bag, the bag won't supersede the Lady Dior. But the handbag is a good effort for now, while keeping the Dior spirit alive, until Chiuri debuts her vision in September.