How to distinguish the Christian Louboutin So Kate from the Pigalle

04 August 2016

If you’re a lover of designer shoes, particularly heels, a pair of Louboutins are bound to be on your wishlist. However, buying your first pair might not be an easy task, as Louboutin offers many types of pumps. A slight difference in heel or toe box can make a big difference in comfort and aesthetics. The two most popular models of the iconic brand are almost indistinguishable from another to a novice. To decide which Louboutin is right for you, we'll compare the two most known pairs of heels, the So Kate's and Pigalle's.

The Louboutin basics 
First things first, the size of your new pair of heels needs to be perfect. As with many brands, the size always depends on your foot structure. However, the Louboutin pumps will always have a very narrow silhouette. Therefore it’s recommended to go up half a size if you have a somewhat wider foot than average. Want to know more about choosing the right Christian Louboutin size?


The Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pump
The Pigalle model is a true Christian Louboutin classic and has been around for quite a long time. The toe box of the Pigalle is the shortest of the two. Therefore it gives the illusion of having the highest arch. The heel of the Pigalle is thicker than the So Kate and thus the most comfortable. The Pigalle comes in various heel heights and ironically enough, the 120 mm is the most popular version. Because of the high arch, the crazy height of the heel and the low sides, the shoe is a shortcut to feeling fabulously sexy. The prices for Pigalles start at €515, but you can buy your very own pair of Louboutins for only €299 at Designer-Vintage

The available heights: 85 mm/100 mm/120 mm


The Christian Louboutin So Kate Pump
The So Kate's are by far the most difficult to walk in, probably out of every Louboutin shoe. It has the largest toe box, but it also has the thinnest and highest heel, which means you’re up for a challenge. The heel of the So Kate does taper near the ground, in contrast to Pigalles. Another way to distinguish the So Kate, is the pointy toe. If you accept the challenge and want to take all the sexy attitude that comes with it, you should definitely go for the So Kate. At Designer-vintage we offer the beautiful So Kate's for a bargain instad of the regular €515

The available height: 120 mm