How to distinguish a fake from an authentic bag

18 February 2016

Knock-off bags have become harder and harder to spot. Especially since the rise of the so called 'super fakes' (that even come with serial numbers and authenticity cards). But distinguishing a fake from an authentic bag is a skill one can develop. We provide you with the best tips to spot a fake designer handbag online. 

1. Know the source
You probably know that feeling that something just is not right. If the webshop doesn’t look high-end, chances are... it’s not. Use a trusted platform (like Designer-Vintage) and listen to your gut when communicating with a seller.

2. Check the Images
There are many counterfeit websites and sellers out there that use pictures of real bags and end up selling you a fake one. Don’t buy the bag if the advertisement only shows stock photos. That's why all our sellers are requested to upload images of the actual item. This makes sure that what you see is what you get. 

3. Compare the price
Compare the price of the bag with other sources. If the price is siginifcantly lower than similar items on other websites you might want to take extra precautions.

4. Look for a date code
Almost all newer bags from designer brands (like Louis Vuitton and Chanel) use a production/date code in their bags for registrational purposes. It tells them where the bag was made and how old it is. Check if the date code matches the year in which the item was made, and if all the characteristics of the code are present.

5. Check the hardware 
When looking at the bag, pay extra attention to zippers, claps and closures. They are often the most telling factors of a fake designer bag. Check the zipper manufacturer, usually the underside of the zipper will have a logo. Many labels use the same high quality type of zipper like YKK or Lampo.

6. Secure Transfer Service 
Keep in mind that it is always best to judge a bag in person. We advise you to use our Secure Transfer Service. This service makes sure your item is a perfect match with the description and of course rour beloved piece will be checked by our experts on authenticity.