How do you get your hands on a cheap Chanel bag?

Jeremy Moeller/ Getty Images
08 October 2021

Have you been dreaming of a Chanel bag for years, but looking pale when you see the prices? We share the best tips to score your dream designer bag for a friendly price. Because even with a smaller budget you can quickly find a nice bag.

1. Go vintage

Vintage Chanel bags are considerably cheaper than their modern counterparts. Especially bags that date from the eighties and nineties have the best prices. You can already find a bag from €800.

2. Material, style and condition

A bag in satin, jersey or tweed fabric is much more affordable than the classic leather version. And as an extra you also have a bag that is a lot more original than the usual 2.55. If you still want a leather Chanel bag, the East West is a good choice. This bag is no longer made by Chanel, but was a cheaper version of the 2.55 for a long time.

3. Be open-minded

Even if you've set your sights on a 2.55, try to look beyond this classic. You could just spontaneously fall in love with a vintage tote or Diana bag, both a perfect contender to become your first Chanel bag.

Getty Images/ Edward Berthelot

4. Be quick

Stay up to date about the newly placed designer items by clicking on the button "subscribe" at the bottom of the search pages on Designer-Vintage. This means you are immediately informed when new favorite bags are added to your search. In addition, an Early Access membership is indispensable because best-priced bags are often sold within hours. Register here for free and get your Early Access!

5. Negotiate

You can always contact the seller to negotiate about the price (if the seller is open to this). Make sure your price is not too far below the asking price, this gives the greatest chance of success.