How to find the perfect pair of Christian Louboutin heels

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24 September 2015

Buying a pair of Louboutins is a total experience! Designer-Vintage has her own vintage collection of Louboutins online. These babies have been treated with all the love you could give a shoe. But what are the small things you need to pay attention to when you buy a pair of Pigalles or Very Prive?

The style of the shoe
There is a huge difference between a platform heel, a peep-toe and flats for instance. The style of the shoe will determine if you need to go a size up or a size down. A pair of Pigalles are very narrow but a pair of Louboutin flats are more true to size. Please make sure to do some research on the style of the shoe with the matching measurements.

Height of the heel
Heels are always a challenge to walk in. Whenever you're thinking about a pair of Louboutins, check the height of the heel. Maybe you are a true queen when it comes to walking in heels but Louboutins have an unique feel when you walk in them. Overall the smaller the heel more likely you can stay true to size. There is a bigger chance of going a size up when you buy higher heels like 100 mm or 120 mm. And play close attention whether the shoe has a platform or not! This way you can dodge a couple centimeters and walk a lot more confident.

Louboutins come in so many different styles which means that there are a lot of materials Louboutin works with. For example python, crocodile, suede, canvas, calf and kid leather. The tough materials like crocodile and patent don't give as much as kid leather, suede and canvas. The more the material gives, it is more likely to go a size up.

Sometimes it happens that you are in a histarical mood and you buy a pair of heels too big or too small. This can happen instore but also on Designer-Vintage. Here you find some tips and tricks on what to do when you buy the wrong size.

  • Too big? Use half insoles or heel grips to prevent your feet to slip and slide.
  • Too small? Wear a pair of thick socks to stretch the leather. Or try the shoes on and heat the leather with a blowdryer. The leather will mold to your foot. Please watch out with this one, because the leather might crack or burn.
  • Signs or dirt? Clean your Louboutins gently with a babywipe. Bye bye dirt hello brand new Loubies!

Are you ready to invest in the prettiest heels of all time? Buy your first pair of Louboutins on Designer-Vintage. From baby pink to classic red, we have all the pairs you can imagine!