How to keep your suede designer handbags perfect

05 December 2017

More and more brands launch bags made of suede. Look at the Chloé Faye Bag or the Gucci Marmont Collection. These bags are absolutely gorgeous but the fabric is pretty vulnerable. So we want to give you a few tips as to how you can maintain your bag so that the suede remains perfect!

You shouldn’t wear your suede designer bag when it’s raining or snowing
It is not always necessary to keep your suede bag at home when it’s a rainy day. When you protect your suede and take care of it, it will survive rainy days. But when it’s raining like crazy or even snowing, it is best to keep your bag at home. Sound and safe.

You can use, if you want, a water and stain protector
Even if the material has already been treated, you can always do it again yourself. A protector spray acts as a repellent. Many people are afraid that a spray will seal the pores and thus, hurt the skin. But this is not the case because the material is still breathable. The spray will slow the process of the stain leaving a permanent mark.


If your suede designer bag gets wet, gently dab it dry
As mentioned before, you should try not to use your bag when it’s raining or snowing outside. But sometimes, it is inevitable. So if it were to happen that your suede bag gets wet, it is very important to just let it dry naturally. But if there is a little spot that doesn’t dry up, you can dab it dry with a cloth. You should, however, brush the bag the next day.

Brush your bag regularly
After using your suede bag for some time, it tends to get dirty and this is when the suede begins to harden. But if you brush your pieces regularly, around every 2 weeks, it helps you to get rid of dust and it maintains the soft look of suede. When you’re in the store looking for a new bag, you should always keep in mind that suede bags need more care than bags made of leather.

You should store your bags in dust bags
Whenever you are not using your bag, you should carefully store it. This means that you should not store it in a box or in a plastic bag for months. With every designer bag, you get a dust bag. So you should use this dust bag when you want to store it. Make sure that the bag isn’t wet before storing it!