How to make a big fashion purchase you won't regret

The Haute Pursuit
25 March 2016
  1. Do you have the money?
    This one is obvious, but important to mention as a falling in love with an item at first makes you easily forget that you’re actually broke. Make sure you have enough money in the bank for the item, so you don’t go into credit card debt.
  2. Can you buy it pre-owned?
    Check out our platform to find a pre-owned with love version of the item you love. This could save you anywhere from 20 to 70 percent off the original price tag, which is always a good thing. 
  3. Buy iconic 
    Isn’t it the worst thing to plunder your whole savings account, to buy a pair of shoes that go completely out of style the next season? The most expensive things that you buy should always be classics. Items that you keep in your closet forever as they never go out of style. 
  4. Quality before everything
    Just because something has a high price tag, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s well made. When you buy an item make sure you pay attention if the tailoring is done right, the fabric is well amde and the leather is soft and durable.
  5. Check the resale value 
    Check out the resale value of the item before you buy it. When you do fall out of love with an item, it is reassuring to know you could always resell it for a reasonable prics. When you're lucky you could even resell it for more than you bought it for! Check out our article on the 5 bags with the best resale price.
  6. Do your research 
    By doing research before you buy an item, you'll make a smarter purchase. Take a look at the online reviews to see if people are happy with the item. Furthermore you could look up from which materials the item is made from. 
  7. Can you combine? 
    Before you buy the item that you absolutely love, think again and again to make sure you can combine it with the rest of your wardrobe. Go through your closet and make a list of all the pieces you could combine it with. If the list is under 10 pieces, you may want to rethink your decision. 
  8. Beware of the impulse buy
    Probably every woman has done this at least once, treating yourself to new shoes or a new bag. Your boyfriend just broke up with you and you  try to ease the pain with a brand new designer bag. Or you got a promotion and celebrate this with the some great designer shoes. In these scenarios it's best to think about the purchase twice, or maybe even three times, as these are emotional states that will make it more likely you'll buy something you'll regret.