How to organize your closet in 5 easy steps

31 December 2015

We all have that huge struggle one or two times a year. That big mess of clothes, shoes and bags keeps on getting bigger and bigger. We'll help you to clean up your wardrobe and organize it as easy as possible!

Step 1: Too keep or not too keep
Those good as knew Louboutins (that you never wear) are just a waste of space in your closet. What to do? Try to make choices about items: will I wear this within 2 weeks? Or am I not? You can't keep stashing your items year after year. Select the most wearable pieces and treasure them. The rest of the items? Sell them on Designer-Vintage and collect funds for something new.

Step 2: Organization is key
It is important to make a 'plan du campagne' to make sure you keep everything organized. No, no, no, we don't want to reorganize everything again after two weeks. Make choices between items that need a clothes hanger and the ones you can fold. Items that will crinkle easily are perfect for hanging. Jeans and sweaters are items you can stack on shelves.


Step 3: Colour code
Colour coding is key for the overall look of your closet. When your friends come over and they open your closet they will enter a fully organized rainbow of clothes! Keep the neutrals together and work your way towards black. Make sure you also coordinate all your items together. Skirts with skirts, jeans with jeans and dresses with dresses. This way you'll eliminate those stressfull morning when you can't seem to find anything.

Step 4: fill in the blanks
The next step is to re-organize your closet! Put all your gorgeous items back where they belong according to your new 'plan du campagne'. Keep on track and do not get distracted. It is very important that you take this step one category at the time. Start with your dresses, skirts and blouses and follow with the sweaters, jeans and tops. This way you will not lose sight of any item.



Step 5: Don't forget the accesories
Very very important: don't forget your accessories! (A Givenchy tote cannot be forgotten) Use your bags as accesories on your vanity table or display them on visible shelves. Play with the wrapping, ribbons and camelia's to cheer up your closet area.

Last but not least, make sure to clean up some items once in a while. And don't forget sell all your vintage treasures on Designer-Vintage & Fashion-Vintage.