How-to protect your Christian Louboutin red soles

29 September 2016

A pair of Christian Louboutin's is on every woman's wishlist. These iconic red-bottomed shoes are super sexy and will make every woman feel like a goddess. Unfortunately that feeling seems to wear off quite easily, as the the glossy red soles rub off each time you take them out for a walk. But as mr. Louboutin himself states: 'Sexiness is when a woman leaves a little bit of red rosette everywhere she goes'. But we can't help but feel protective about are beloved red soles. That's why we've created a tutorial to keep them in their best shape.

1. Red vibram 
This is the way we would recommend the most. As the ones who own a pair of Loubs might know, the red paint makes the shoe very slippery, which can lead to some uneasy situations... A great way to maintain the red sole and give yourself some stability is vibram. Vibram is a  kind of rubber that is much used for any kind of sport- or hikingshoe. It's light, strong and very long wearing. The vibram also provides heaps of wearing comfort. 

It needs to be applied by a cobbler, as he has the right tools to apply the rubber. Louboutin's are not cheap, so you really need to have a cobbler that has soled more louboutins. Firstly, the red paint of the sole is scraped off, heartbreaking to see! Afterwards, the red vibram is applied. If it's done well, there is a very slight colour difference and there are no visible seams. The vibram stays on for an incredibly long time, so there's no need to resole your Louboutins again. Another big advantage, is that it can be done with either new or worn Loubs. 






2. Screen protector 
This is a more of a DIY project and it's only possible on a pair of new Louboutins. It seems that screen protectors can be very versatile, as you can use them to protect your red soles too. The best brand for the job is Zagg, the Invisible shield. Zagg used to produce self healing films for military helicopter blades, but quickly went on the market with screen protectors. The self healing film is a big plus, as the damage to the screenprotector from walking will be hardly noticeable. Make sure you buy a screen protector for an iPad, as you need some space. It comes with an application solution, a cleaning wipe and a so called squeeze-gee, to get rid of any bubbles. There some easy steps to follow:


  1. Preparation
    Make sure that the surface of the red soles are clean and remove any stickers and sticker residue. Make sure to get a pen and a pair of scissors. Wash and dry your hands, especially fingertips.
  2. Draw and cut
    The sheet consists of three layers and it's important not to separate any layers yet. Get the sticky side up, in most cases the words 'invisible shield' are shown. Position your shoes and than trace the shoe shape. Make sure to leave a little room, just in case. Don't forget to label the left and right side. Cut the sheet by following the trace.
  3. Apply the shield 
    Do this for one shoe at the time and make sure to make time for it too. Wipe off any excess dirt of the shoe. Wet your fingers with the applications solution when applying, so you won't leave any fingerprints. Peel of the the layer that sticks to the sticky side of the shield (printed side). Spray the solution on the sticky side and then apply the screen to the shoe. Use some pressure, but not too much. Use the squeeze-gee to get rid of the biggest bubbles.  
  4. Bye bubbles
    Peel of the other layer, easiest to do at the tip of the toes. Use the squeeze-gee to squeeze all the other bubbles out. It's important to get all the bubbles out, otherwise the bubbles will break later on and leave dirt and air into the sole. Trim some edges and you're good to go! 

The final option is to paint your soles red, but this will not be lasting and can damage the shoe immensely. We wouldn't want that!