How to recognize an investment piece

27 August 2015

You hear the words ‘investment pieces’ everywhere, but what does the term actually mean. Usually, investment pieces are pricey items that cost more than a month’s rent and need justifying (financially at least). If you plan on spending a large sum on a designer bag it might be a good idea to find out if the item of your choice will be stable in value. So which designer bags are the best investment pieces?

Investment worthy?
According to our brand experts it is best to invest in high-end brands. Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermès are always a home run. The pieces that stay quite stable in their value are the iconic items of a brand such as the Chanel Classic Flap bag or the a Birkin bag. Special pieces, such as limited colors and designs are also a great investment as they are rare and therefore be wanted by many fashion-lovers around the world, which naturally makes the resale easy-breezy. 

Invest in Hermès
You could always go with the classics, but anything waitlisted or limited edition is your best bet! Take for example the Birkin bag from Hermès. When reselling this beauty you give your potential buyers a chance to avoid the whole hassle of a waiting list. A win-win situation.

Who's the most popular?
Looking for a super popular design and want to resell quickly? Go for the Dior tribal earrings or the Chanel Lego bag. They are one of most popular pieces at the moment. Whether your selling or buying, you can trust on Designer-Vintage to offer pre-owned-with-love pieces with friendly price tags. And an extra bonus: when you decide to sell your treasures (to make room for new designer pieces) you won’t have to pay any commission!