How to save up for your first designer bag

15 January 2016

It doesn't matter which age you are, buying your first designer bag is always a big deal! Ofcourse a designer bag is a great investment, but you'll probably have some major saving to do. But because us girls aren't the best at saving, we've rounded up some useful tips to make sure you can purchase that first Chanel 2.55 in no time!

1. Stop buying coffee
Okay, well at least at expensive places like Starbucks! It's might seem nothing, but €2,50 a day x 365 days = €912,50! Expensive right? Make your own coffee and put it in a fancy recyclable thermos. It looks nice, it's cheaper and you'll still have your daily dose of coffee!

2. Drinks and Dinner 
Who doesn't love those Friday, Saturday or Sunday nights when you go out with your friends for drinks and dinner? Unfortunately our expenses during these nightly can quickly go up to €90! Try to limit yourself to one evening out a month or have dinner at a friend's house. It will save you €65 a month! Let's do the math: €65 x 12 months = €780 a year!

3. Detox your nails 
Yes, this is a real thing. Stop going to the manicure and/or pedicure salon and give your nails a detox! Learn to do your own nails and save up. A manicure or pedicure usually costs around €35, so you'll be saving €420 a year!

4. Purchase
It's time to spend your savings! This is the day you've been waiting for and it's finally time to make the big investment. After all this saving you've had time to really think about which bag is your dream piece. Choose well, spend well!