How to store your designer bags

The Coveteur
14 January 2016

Even though we can only carry one bag at a time, most of us girls have a collection of bags that is big enough to last us for years. And because handbags are one of the few fashion accessories that are a smart investment and retain their value, it is super important that you store your babies correctly. In this tutorial we'll show you the proper way to organize your beloved bags and keep them in perfect condition. 

1. Clean your bag thoroughly before storing it. Depending on the material, you should use a damp cloth (leather) or dry cloth (suede). Remove everything from the inside and finish up your preparations by vacuuming or brushing out any dirt in the interior.

2. Stuff your bag with plastic and make sure to form a shape that matches your handbag. Get your hands on some bubble wrap as this is a perfect filling. Never use paper or cloth to stuff your bag as this can stain the leather. Straps and handles should be placed inside the bag (if possible).



3. We advise to store your bag in its original dustbag. While we understand that you might want to decorate your entire room with your 'trophies', it's vital that you protect your bags from dust and stains. The dustbag also shelters your bag from daylight and artificial light, as they can fade the color.

4. Place your bags upright(!) on a shelf to make sure they don't lose their original shape. Clutches should be laid flat. Tip: book shelves or cases work perfectly as a little walk-in-closet for your bag collection.





Bonus tips:

  • If you don't have enough space to stack you room with shelves and cases, you can use hooks to store your bags. You should always hang your bag in its dustbag, otherwise you risk bending the handles. Hooks are great for small spaces as you can pretty much hang them everywhere, on the wall, mirror or even on your door.
  • To quickly find the bag you're looking for, we advise to snap some cute polaroids of your pieces and pin these onto the dustbags.
  • Keep your favorite (and most used) bags within easy reach and easy sight.