How to store your designer heels

20 January 2016

Storing your designer shoes in the wrong way can cause fading, scratches and scuffing. We share our best tips to keep your treasured heels in tip-top shape

The key is to store your Prada's and Louboutins in their original shoe box. But when your living space is limited, we suggest you use the linen dustbags, to save up space. Your dustbags are perfect for travelling as well!

1. Keep them safe
Store your expensive shoes in boxes. This will protect your heels from damaging and your box collection will aso create an organized closet space. Add silica gel to your boxes to keep away any excess moisture and odours.

2. Wine boxes
Lost your original box, or did your vintage pair come with just its dustbag? Use wine boxes to keep your killer heels safe and sound.

3. Ladder
It may sounds strange but a ladder is a great way to store your heels. We do suggest you rotate your shoes often, to make sure they aren't damaged by sunlight or dust.

4. Decorate
Is your house in desperate need of some color? Use your designer goodies to decorate your stairs, book cases and shelves. Make sure to rotate between your shoes so they don't get too dusty.