How to store your tote bags

The Haute Cookie
18 May 2016

You wouldn't be the first tote-lover that discovered your bag was sagging, when taking it out of your closet after a long time. It would be a shame to see your Chanel Cerf tote develop folds over time. That's why we provide you with a few tips on how to store your tote bags the right way, that will prevent them from sagging.

1. Use a shaper 
Make sure to always use a shaper when storing your beloved tote bag. The shaper makes sure your bag will keep its shape as it adds some stifness. Another plus of using a shaper is that a lot of shapers come with pockers to help you organize your bag. This way you could even use the shaper while wearing the bag. 

[image src="how-to-store-tote-bags.png" style=""]Pink Peonies[/image]

2. Stuff your bags 
Don't have a shaper around? If you order anything from the internet, keep the sealed air packs and paper to stuff your tote bags. This helps to keep the shape of the bag and prevents it from collapsing. The air pack will deflate over time so it's important to replace them in time. A good excuse to do some extra online shopping. 

3. Avoid upright storing
Although it may look better in your closet, tote bags should never be stored standing up. Instead lay your bags on their side, it will help maintain their shape for much longer. 

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4. Use your dustbags 
Always tuck you bag into its dustbag, to protect it from dust and stains. When putting the tote bag into the dust bag try to keep the straps outside of the bag, as laying them on top of the bag may cause dents and kinks. If your bag has a chain, it should not be stored on top the bag either. Always pull the chain into the bag and store it with just a little bit of the chain handles out.