How to unite fashion and beauty

25 June 2016

What is fashionable elegance and beauty to a woman? It is many things encompassed in one word. Can it be measured or is it just a matter of taste? Elegance and style is that sacred ‘something’ every woman wants. We look at pictures of beautiful celebrities and we wonder what gives them that knowing confident little smile. They look amazingly sure of themselves, fashionable and elegant, seemingly without even trying. How do you achieve that, especially if might not be able to afford a personal trainer, a hairstylist and personal makeup artist, housekeeper, two nannies and so on? Every women has a different way of finding her elegance. To some of us it means a certain air, a way we’d like to carry ourselves, or the way we’d like to be viewed by other people.


"Eyes or lips" is one of the first silly rules I learned about make-up. Only one pattern and only one statement color when it comes to fashion. Always match and never mismatch, "don't wear pink and red together," are amongst the so-called guidelines that limit self-expression and finding your personalstyle. Thank heavens these rules when out the window a long time ago. Pull of a fierce blue eyeliner and a peach lip if you feel like it. Wear the dots and the flower print at the same time if that makes you happy. Mix those perfumes to create your own.

In the end it’s key to stay open for new options and try different things to find what suits you best. If you feel like showing off your legs, then do so. My motto is: “If you’ve got it flaunt it”. Be a beautiful mess or an everyday icon. Just make sure that whatever part of you you’ll flaunt, looks flawless, polished and well taken care of. 

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