The it-bag timeline

26 January 2016

While you might think that fashion houses like Hermès or Chanel were the first labels to design an it-bag, the honors should actually go to Louis Vuitton. The now famous Speedy was ntroduced in 1930, and was the very first handbag to really make a mark on the world. Can you guess what iconic bags followed its design? Take a trip down memory lane and find out which bag was made in what year, with our it-bag timeline!

1930: Louis Vuitton Speedy
The Speedy was designed in 1930 as a smaller interpretation of the hugely popular Keepall bag. The bag marks a turning point in the history of Louis Vuitton, as the Speedy was in fact the very first handag from the fashion house. Want to know more about this Louis Vuitton classic? Read our Masterclass on the Speedy. 


1934: Louis Vuitton Alma
Just 4 years later, Louis Vuitton expanded its handbag collection with the ladylike Alma. The story goes that this bag was especially made for Coco Chanel, who later requested that the bag should be available to other customers as well. 

1955: The Chanel 2.55
The first version of the most famous bag on the planet, was actually designed in the 1920's. After the Second World War, Gabrielle Chanel envisioned the design we all know today. The bag was launched in February, 1955, which is why the bag is named the 2.55. Read more about this classic beauty in our Masterclass.

1956 : The Hermès Kelly Bag
Did you know that the design behind the Kelly has been around since the 19th century? The structure was intended to carry saddles. The famous Kelly we know today, received its name from one of its biggest fans: the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. Read more about the gorgeous Kelly in our Masterclass.


1984: Hermès Birkin Bag
The story goes that CEO Pierre Louis Dumas was sitting next to actress Jane Birkin on a plane, back in 1981. Jane Birkin told monsieur Dumas that she was struggling to find the perfect travel bag. A few years later, the Birkin was born! Read more about the Birkin in our Masterclass.

1995: Lady Dior
The Lady Dior is the epitome of the ladylike fifties style. The design was favoured by none other than Princess Diana, which ofcourse only added to the iconic status of the Dior bag. Read more about its Cannage stitching and history in our Masterclass.

1997: Fendi Baquette
The Baguette bag was designed to be carried right under the arm, just like a piece of French loaf (hence the name). This iconic bag starred in Sex and the City and quickly became the it-bag of the nineties! Read all about it in our Masterclass.


2002: Mulberry Bayswater
The Mulberry Bayswater is a child of the zero's as the first edition was sold in 2002. This soft leather design comes with a much friendlier price tag than the other it-bags in this list, but still has a timeless elegance to it which will stand the test of time. 

2010: Céline Luggage Tote
When Phoebe Philo took over the reigns at Céline, the fashion house quickly became a household name with their clean and structured designs. The second bag that was launched by Phoebe Philo was the Luggage tote, a piece that is still tremendously popular five years later.

2011: Chanel Boy Bag
Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel's was the perfect tomboy and her designs were often inspired by menswear. It is no secret that her biggest fashion muses were her beau's and the love of her life: Boy Capel. After all these years, it was Karl Lagerfeld who paid tribute to the men in her life, with the birth of the Chanel Boy bag in 2011. Read more in our Masterclass about the Chanel Boy Bag.