It's Barbie Karl

03 September 2014

Another chapter in the book of Karl’s World of Mini Karls. We’ve seen the Karl furry monster for Fendi, the Karl doll, a mini Karl in a snow globe, the range of Karl mini-mes is quite long actually. And the list doesn’t stop there, allow us to introduce you to the latest miniature Karl: the Karl Barbie.
Well, except for the assumption that Barbie is a female doll, she is a spitting image of monsieur Karl himself. Her outfit has been copied with attention to every little detail - but then she is the Barbie-fication of the master couterier. Not to forget about the grey ponytail and signature sunglasses of course.
Want one? Better hurry then, as only 999 of the Barbie Karls are for sale at about €200 a piece. From 29 September, -during Paris Fashion week-, the dolls will be available in select Karl Lagerfeld boutiques, Colette, Net-A-Porter and the Barbie Collection.
Only for the youngest fashionistas, well young-spirited, if you ask us. #ageisjustanumber.