Join our January detox!

The Coveteur
09 January 2017

A new year feels like a fresh start. A chance to become the best version of yourself. But also an opportunity to cleanse and detox. Not just yourself, but your wardrobe as well. Because who doesn't long for a wardrobe filled with items you love (and wear)? We're here to help: during the whole of January you receive 2 extra credits when purchasing a bundle of 5 advertisement credits.

Sell one piece, buy one piece
Did you also fall for the Gucci madness? Only to acknowledge that you and the velvet Marmont bag just aren't made for eachother? After a year filled with shopping sprees, you can't avoid the occasional bad bargain. Create new space in your wardrobe and turn your closet into cash!

Receive 2 free credits!
Because Designer-Vintage loves to contribute to a more sustainable wardrobe, we're treating our customers to 2 free credits. How it works?

  1. Buy a bundle of 5 credits
  2. Send your payment confirmation e-mail to
  3. We'll add 2 extra advertisement credits to your account.