Karl designs the House of the Rising Sun

07 March 2014

With all his drawings, pictures, supermarket, pens and helicopters we all know Karl Lagerfeld is an extended version of a designer, and while we think there’s still more merchandise to get out of Choupette, Karl has announced he is designing an entire 270-room hotel in Macau, China.
He did some decorating gigs at a few hotels over the years, including the pool of the Hotel Métropole Monte-Carlo in Monaco and suites at the Hotel de Crillon, but the Chinese endeavour is going to be all his. To us it seems he has his hands full just being in fashion, but no – he just gets frustrated when he wants to design a new space, and remembers he already has too many houses.
“I have more houses than I need and I don’t want to do any anymore. So I can – how could I say? – get rid of my frustration by doing hotels.” Smart Karl, very smart – at least you’ll be comfortable wherever you go. And the next thing? Well, duh: a boutique cat-el.