Kelly & Birkin: Are Hermès Bags Worth the Investment?

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25 January 2017

Hermès is without a doubt one of the most coveted brands when it comes to bags. Unfortunately their showponies, the Birkin and the Kelly, also come with pretty huge price tags. But even though the purchase of either of these bags will take a huge chunk out of your savings, you can't deny the mathematics of investment shopping. Hermès bags are known to exceed any other designer bag when it comes to their resale price. 

  • Yes, there are studies dedicated to Hermès bags
    A new study concludes that buying a Hermès bag is a less risky investment than buying gold or entering the stock market. So if you can somehow get your hands on the Hermès showpiece, it's a great way to invest your savings. While gold and stock can increase and decrease in value over time, a Birkin or Kelly bag will only become more valuable year after year.


  • Bags as heirlooms
    Birkin and Kelly bags come with a life long guarantee and repair service, so you can pass your beloved Birkin down to your daughters and granddaughters, and you'll never have to worry about losing your investment. Because isn't emotional value even more precious?
  • Trust the numbers
    The Hermès Birkin doesn't just return your investment, it actually earns you money! As the waiting list for this icon can reach up to 6 years, the bag is in short supply. The prices start at €6750,- for a Birkin 35 and only go up depending on size and material. Reselling a Birkin will easily earn you well above €7000,-. Plus, the value of the Birkin keeps growing with 14,2% a year!


  • It all comes down to quality
    The tiresome factors like the long wait and not knowing when you'll be able to purchase your Birkin or Kelly, aren't for nothing. Every bag is artisan-made by extremely well-trained craftsmen. The materials are of the finest quality and it takes more than 18 hours to create a single bag.