Let's get purse-onal with Chloé!

24 November 2016

We all know the feeling of instant bonding when another girl is wearing the same designer bag as you are (because that means you both have exquisite taste). But at the same time it does sting a little when your bag suddenly doesn't feel exclusive anymore.  Chloé definitely understood our conflicting emotions and decided to introduce a whole range of personalising gadget, from trinkets to little wallets. All made to make sure your bag is truly unique. They've even created a whole collection dedicated to the alphabet, the Alphabet Charms!

The collection consists of signet rings, bag charms, necklaces and wallets (which can be personalised by adding your initials), all in gold. We're particularly obsessed by the bag charms, as you can add your initials or even your full name to your bag. The letters can be found in four different graphical styles, which give it a unique look. The charms are available for €60 each, but bare in mind that you need to buy a hook to attach the charms to your bag, which makes for a total of €95. The rings can be bought for €200, the necklaces start at €100 and the wallets start at €330.