Logomania is back

05 February 2016

At Gucci, the horsebit is in full revival, thanks its ever so innovative creative designer Alessandro Michele. Meanwhile we should credit Louis Vuitton's Nicolas Ghesquière with doing the (seemingly) impossible: making the L's and V's feel cool and fresh again. And ofcourse Karl Lagerfeld was always the one who wholeheartedly emrbaced Chanel's iconography. He already introduced the interlocking CC's in the eighties. We can safely say that logomania is back! But how did logo's go from trashy to classy?

Where did it start?
Logomania was already a big thing in the eighties and nineties (and the early zero's). Remember Calvin Klein underwear, the Fendi logo prominently placed on the Baguette bag and Takashi Murakami's colorful Monogram print? The first half of the 2010's, however, looked back on these designs as trashy and distasteful. But 2015 is here and logomania is back, fresher than ever. It started with the sportsbrands such as Nike, Adidas and (again) Calvin Klein) and has now made it to every major runway.


Logomania 2016
Especially in the designer bag department, logo's and signature prints have become a true sensation again. Gucci launched the Dionysus, which features the classic Monogram print of the fashion house. Combined with beading, sequins and motifs, the print seems more modern than ever. We've witnissed a similar case with the Louis Vuitton monogram print. Nicolas Ghesquière has reimagined the print into something that feels very current. The new Nano collection and the Cruise 2016 backpacks are both covered in the famous LV-print, and we love it. What is your view about this new trend?