Louis Vuitton has just designed the most devine accessory

13 October 2016

If there is one thing that we'll always carry with us (next to a handbag ofcourse), it must be our phones. From checking our texts a dozen times a day to dealing with that minor social media addiction, we use our beloved iPhones throughout the day. However, we believe your digital best friend deserves a designer outfit, just as much as you do. The exact same thought Nicolas Ghesquiere had when designing the most fabulous phone accessory in the history of acccessories.


Petite phone case 
Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquiere already teased us all with an Instagram image of a small trunk shaped phone case and this was definitely worth the wait. During Paris Fashion Week, Louis Vuitton released an iPhone case, that looks exactly like a miniature version of the Petite Malle. The Petite Malle has been one of the modern showponies of Louis Vuitton, eversince its introduction in 2014. Both the Petite Malle as the iPhone case are ofcourse inspired by the iconic Louis Vuitton trunk, which was first designed way back in 1858!


You used to call me on my trunk phone
On the final day of Paris Fashion Week, the phone case made its debut on the catwalk, in the hands of multiple models. The phone case will be sold in a variety of colours, like red, blue, black and gold. Multiple prints like the signature Monogram, Damier and a snake print are used. A major favourite will be the black phone case with white monogram print on it, such a classic-yet-cool combination!