Louis Vuitton introduces a new size for their Speedy line

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28 October 2016

There are so many different bag sizes and everyone has their preference. At the office we're obsessed with small bags. We could easily say: the tinier, the better. It was not officially anounced (why?), yet we couldn't contain our enthusiasm, when we saw the arrival of the Louis Vuitton Speedy 20. Take a look!

What size? 
The Speedy 25 was always the smallest size that Louis Vuitton offered. It was originally a custom design for Audrey Hepburn, as she thought that the original (30) was to big for her petite frame. This changed when Louis Vuitton introduced the Nano collection in 2015, where they released a Nano Speedy bag. Love at first sight ofcourse, however, the size was not a perfect match for everyday use. Many ladies struggled to fit in their essentials, which is quite understandable. The Speedy 20 fits right in between the Speedy 25 and the nano. We guess this will be a better match! The precise size is: 20cm x 15cm x 12cm. 






Ins and outs
Where the Speedy usually comes in Canvas Monogram, Damier or Epí leather, the Speedy 20 comes in other varieties. The bag is available in cowhide, Empreinte or phyton leather. Some cowhide bags are adorned with studs. The phyton leather can either come in a plain or in a Monogram style. Besides these versions, you can opt for a regular Speedy or a Bandouliere (that comes with a strap). The design is exactly the same as other Speedy's, and its interior has a large compartment with two pockets. 

Shop it like it's hot
So far there are two versions available online, which are the regular Speedy 20 in Grey cowhide leather with silver and golden studs. This one is priced at €1880. The other is the Speedy Bandouliere in Empreinte, in the colours red, black and a peachy pink. These are priced at €1580.