The Louis Vuitton Keepall

08 March 2015

Just one of the much-needed luxuries in life is travelling. And when you travel, you travel in style. Period. No, that dark blue trolley from what is it, is not acceptable, at least not as your hand luggage (we feel the ever luggage lost scare).

And when we’re talking luggage, luxury luggage that is, you cannot miss out on the iconic Ls and Vs that we know as Louis Vuitton. He was actually originally a trunk maker, his special Canvas coated luggage is up to today very popular. Okay, maybe not the trunks, but we can vouch for the iconic Keepall.

Ranging in different sizes (Keepalls are available from 45 cm to a large 60 cm), the Keepall is your go-to if you want to travel light. And yes, Light was the perfect word indeed when the bag was born back in 1930, the age of taking a whole secretary including typwriter whenever you went abroad.

Nowadays, the Keepall is still very popular, be it because you can actually carry so much (yes, we leave the typewriter at home nowadays). Apart from the keep all  aspect, they are so sturdy, you could carry your own weight around easily. The choice is endless: you can choose different sizes, but also decide whether you want to carry the bag over your shoulder, the bandouliere style, or you just carry it in hand. #choiceschoices

This all ticks your boxes, but not a fan of the LV monogramming? Well, the bags are also available in the sophisticated epi leather and the classic damier pattern, which is actually older than the famous initials. So take your pick!

Already busy preparing your next get-away? Well, a good pre-owned-with-love keepall cannot miss right? Just talking about travelling like a pro.