Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Mia Mia Mine
24 August 2016

The Neverfull bag is one of the most popular bags of the house of Louis Vuitton. And this shouldn't suprise longtime LV fans, as the handbag is known for its great quality and pretty exterior. But while we can't think of a world without the Neverfull, it wasn't before 2007 that bag was designed. Apparently, Louis Vuitton created the bag to compete with a similar model from another popular fashion house...

Battle of the tote bags  

The story goes that the Neverfull was created to compete with the Goyard Saint Louis tote. Which could totally be true, since the bags do have a resembling appearance. But then again, the tote shape is quite common in the land of designer bags, so we can't quite confirm who copied who. Either way, the Neverful is made with the same exquisite craftmanship as other iconic LV bags, which means that your beloved bag is as sturdy as can be.

Fun facts about the Neverfull

Did you know it takes up to 45 hours to create a Neverfull bag? Next to its outstanding quality, the bag is also very versatile. Because, while many fans don't even know about it, the Neverfull is completely reversable! And to make sure you never lose track of your keys and cards again, it comes with an attached wallet. This amazing bag 




PM, MM and GM
The bag comes in three sizes, the PM, MM and GM. The PM, or petite model, is the smallest bag. The GM is the biggest size. 
The tote is super spacious and you can fit more in your tote than you'd expect to. As its name foreshadows, the bag will literally never be full, especially when you go for the GM size. The leather is supple enough and has non-rigid sides, which means it wil fit the mold of your essentials perfectly.



Damier, Monogram or Epi leather?
Since the Neverfull is obviously the most popular tote the house has in store right now, it comes in a large variety of leathers. One of your options is Damier, a two tone chequered print, introduced by Louis Vuitton in 1888. It was developed to prevent the counterfeiting of the iconic trunks. The Neverfull is available in both Damier Ebene and Damier Azur. The most popular version of the bag is the Monogram print, introduced in 1896. This print was also developed to stop counterfeiting, with great succes. The Monogram print has the LV logo, quatrefoils and flowers on it. And last but definitely not least is the Epi Leather. Epi is the youngest material of the three and was introduced in 1985. The leather is inspired by the texture of the leathers that Louis Vuitton used in the 20's. Epi comes in almost every colour, from black to pink.