Louis Vuitton is saying goodbye to this iconic design

20 July 2016

The French fashion house of Louis Vuitton will no longer package its iconic bags in the characteristically chocolate brown boxes. The signature brown shopping bags with black lettering have been synonymous with Louis Vuitton since 2003, and will surely be missed. From now on all packaging materials, from the tissue paper to the paper bag, will be donned in a luxurious shade of ochre yellow.


The story behind Vuitton's 'Imperial Saffron'
The Parisian maison is retracing its roots in travelling with the new tone, which is called Imperial Saffron. The shade of ochre has been interwined with Louis Vuitton's history since the start of the 19th century. The color has been seen on many iconic pieces such as a Citroën trunk (which traveled to Africa as part of an expedition in 1924) and on the recently designed Petite Malle shoulder bags. According to the fashion house, the change in packaging was inspired by the recent exhibition Volez, Voguez, Voyagez, a visual throwback to Vuitton's 162-year history of luggage-making.


The new Louis Vuitton color palet
The fresh yellow is complemented with a cobalt blue ribbon, manufactured from cotton. On top of the changes on the outside appearance, the interior and linings of the packaging will become light beige, as a reference to the natural leather of Louis Vuitton. According to the fashion house, the new packaging is stronger and sturdier than its predecessor, which results in a more sustainable box. "We don't want the packaging to be fashionable. It's supposed to have quite a long life cycle. In most cases, brand colors play off of black and white. We wanted to be different," Michael Burke, CEO of Vuitton told WWD.

Little Louis Vuitton fact
The blue color of the new ribbons and cotton bag handles was initially introduced as part of the house’s luxury monogramming service, which was introduced in 1854.