Louis Vuitton’s New Wave Collection is an absolute hit already!

13 August 2018

Louis Vuitton recently released a brand new line of bags. This collection is absolutely stunning and super colorful as well! It’s already a favorite of some of the best fashion bloggers and celebs. But we cannot blame them because we adore this new collection. Louis Vuitton also used a lot of advertisements to push the release of the New Wave Collection and we think this worked out exactly the way the brand wanted it to.

The New Wave Chain bag is our favorite bag out of the bunch and this beauty comes in two different sizes: the MM and the PM. The MM is the regular size and the PM is the little version. The design of the New Wave Chain bag resembles the design of the Gucci Marmont quite a lot, which is a super popular bag as well! So this would mean that there are great hopes for this GEM! The bag is made of smooth leather. The benefit is that it feels soft and luxurious, which is exactly what you expect from a Louis Vuitton bag. The bag’s quilting furthermore makes the leather thick and a little bulky! The only downside of is that it scratches quite easily…


The top handle strap is basically the best thing of this whole bag is you ask us! It reads ‘Vuitton’ in rainbow lettering. This brings us back to the pre-Nicolas Ghesquiere era. This strap simply adds a fun touch to the leather bag, which is never a wrong thing to do! If you don’t like this strap, then you can always remove it from the bag entirely. The bag comes with a chain strap as well so you can wear it in multiple ways. The chain strap also features a padded leather panel, which obviously is an added bonus.

Lastly, the bag is super structured. It will hold its shape no matter what, empty or full. The hardware depends on the color of each bag. The hardware can be brushed, muted gold or aged silver tone. The inside of the bag is lined in microfiber and it features one interior slit pocket. As for the dimensions, the MM is 25 x 15 x 7.5 cm and the PM is 21 x 13 x 6.5 cm.