Louis XIV: Not so minimalistic

RMN-GP/Olivier Ouadah
01 July 2014

While we already have given you countless reasons to come and visit Paris, here’s another one to put on your list when you happen to be in the city of love. And shopping.
As this might come off to you as a bit old-hat, you definitely should give the Louvre a new try. Apart from the Mona Lisa or the Nike statue, the Louis collection at the Sully wing is a go-to as it just has been reopened after a 10-years restoration.
Showcasing interior designs of the Louis XIV- XVII era, don't expect anything near minimalistic chic. Let’s just say opulent over the top baroque chic. But that’s okay. Because back in those days, decorating basically everything with gold ornaments made you the minimalistic cool interior designer of today, and wearing a wig with miniature sailboats in them was like carrying a 2.55. It just oozed refined sophistication.
So, let's all eat cake and head to Paris. Roy Soleil style.