The Martini? Oh, in the Goyard

27 August 2014

Sometimes, you just need something just for the sheer purpose of needing something. Take our newest must-have in this category for instance: a Goyard Martini case.
Do we actually need to carry our Martini bottles in a minitrunk? No of course not, but did the FIFA world cup trophy really needed to be carried around in a custom-made Louis Vuitton trunk? Exactly, that’s our point. Sometimes things just need to be pretty for the sake of being pretty, period.  
Of course Goyard would never go for something as banale as football, we’re talking about high-end sophistication here. Enter a stylish companion to 007's drink of choice. Completely with glasses, bottle and a whole array of mixologist items (including a shaker), the custom booze case will fit in any lavish sports car. Your Martini is ready to be served somewhere down your country estate, or anywhere else in case you are travelling the world. #jetpacking, of course. 
So, what about the price you ask? Hmm, upon request. Just another excuse to go to Paris we'd say. 
Well, at least all we can say now is that, shaken or stirred, we want our Martinis served out of a Goyard trunk.