The mathematics of investment shopping

01 August 2016

If you visit retail chains regularly, you must have noticed that shops like Zara and Forever 21 launch a new collection, about every three weeks. So you can imagine that with all these visual impulses that come with each visit, it's very difficult to leave the store empty-handed. So what's wrong with buying that trendy floral dress? Nothing. But picture this: if you would buy 1 new item from every new collection, you'll end up with 17 Zara pieces each year. And while the clothes often seem to have great price tags, if you multiply the price tag by 17, you would end up with a significant amount of money. Now imagine if you would use this sum to invest in a timeless, and well made designer item. The concept is very easy; channel the funds you usually spend on fast fashion into quality purchases. 

We've done the mathematics of designer shopping to try and convince you that designer items are both financially as quality-wise a smart investments. By taking the cost of the investment buys and divide them by the comparable fast fashion item, we make a clear argument to treat yourself on quality items (and treat your wallet in the process). 

1. Chanel medium flapbag vs a Zara bag
A Chanel bag is a long term investment, stating that the price of the bag only increases. A vintage Chanel medium Classic Flap bag starts ar €1499. Zara often sells a similar bag for €59,99. This means, that when the years pass by and you buy over 25 bags at a retail chain store, you could have used the exact same amount of money on a Chanel bag. And while the Zara bags will probably lose its luster after a few seasons, a Chanel Flap bag will be a classic for the rest of your life.

2. Christian Louboutin black Pigalle heels vs Zara heels
Zara offers you the classic black heel for €69,99, which is quite a good price if you're looking for a pair to wear to that party or wedding. But if you do appreciate a good heel and wear heels often enough to consider shoes as an investment piece, you could buy the classic Christian Louboutin So Kate's for only €400. For the price of 5,5 pairs of Zara heels you could be the proud owner of one of the most loved shoe designs on the planet. These Louboutin heels are beautifully made and are of exquisite quality. They will most certainly last for years and years longer in comparison to chain store heels. 

3. Burberry Brit khaki trenchcoat vs H&M trenchcoat 
A trenchcoat can be worn year round, which makes it a very functional piece for your wardrobe. You can buy an unlined trenchcoat at H&M for €49,99, but for the price of 10 H&M coats, you could easily invest in a Burberry version. As these Burberry icons are handmade from the sturdiest fabrics, they will last for decades. We definitely advise to invest in a vintage one, starting from €400.