Mini Pochette Metis

14 November 2017

When Louis Vuitton debuted the Pochette Metis, they never promoted or advertised the style. But even though the bag was dependent of, only, word of mouth, it was sold out quickly and long waiting lists arose. The popularity of the Pochette Metis is mostly caused by the renewed interest of shoppers. So as soon as Louis Vuitton realized they created a huge hit, they began designing new versions! Also including the Mini Pochette Metis, which was debuted on the Fall 2017 runway. The Mini Pochette Metis is a downsized version of the Pochette Metis, making it an ultra-stylish mini size! Because of the popularity, Louis Vuitton debuted some new designs and they are absolutely stunning!

The Mini Pochette Metis is small but definitely big enough to fit all your essentials! The dimensions of the bag are: 7.9” x 5.5” x 2.4” (inches). The bag features a short leather top handle and a delicate golden crossbody chain. This gives you the option to wear the bag in multiple ways. Perfect right? The bag has a square shape and it furthermore has an envelope-shaped flap. As a nice detail, the Mini Pochette Metis has a secure s-lock in shiny hardware giving the bag its chic and luxurious appearance. The exterior of the bag is stunning, as you can all see! But the interior is something worth noticing as well. The Mini Pochette Metis has a structured and spacious interior. There are 3 compartments within the bag, 1 with a zipper in the back and two compartments that separate the bag. So there isn’t really anything negative to say about this bag… The only thing is that the bag is rather pricy. The Mini Pochette Metis in navy or orange is $2490.00. But, if you ask us, it’s totally worth it!


Louis Vuitton recently debuted two new versions of the Mini Pochette Metis. One of them has a romantic flower pattern that’ll bring freshness to every outfit. Then there is the bag with the black and white flower pattern, making it an elegant yet feminine bag. The colourful flower pattern design is on sale for $2630.00 and the black and white bag can be yours for $2770.00.

At first sight you would think that the only difference between the two Pochette Metis’ is the size. But that’s not entirely true. There are some clear and important differences between these two beauties. For example, the material of the bags is completely different. The Mini Pochette Metis is only available in Epi leather and the regular-sized Pochette Metis isn’t available in Epi leather at all. Only in the popular Monogram Canvas or the subtle Monogram Empreinte. The straps are furthermore different on each bag. The Pochette Metis features a leather crossbody strap, giving the bag a more casual look. And the Mini Pochette Metis features a golden crossbody chain, giving the bag a delicate feel.

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