14 June 2016

Missoni is a world renowned name across the fashion and design industry, and who doesn’t recognize the colorful iconic zigzag pattern? The Missoni knitwear became the basis for a global lifestyle brand. But how did it all begin?

A family always in fashion
The story of Missoni began in northern Italy where Rosita Jelmini was born in 1931. She was the granddaughter of the Torrani owners of the namesake embroidered fabric factory. The creative family influenced Rosita’s drive and passion for fashion. she soon moved from the secluded northern Italian town and went to London to improve her English. 

A love story 
It was in London that Rosita, met her future husband, Ottavio Missoni. He owned a little workshop where he produced woolen sportswear. Five years after the two met, they married and settled in Gallarate. After their marriage they started up a little knitwear shop in the basement of their first home. 


Missoni was born 
Rosita and Ottavio bought some yarn spinning machines to get more creative potential with colors and patterns. Not long after their marriage they sold their first dress under the name of Missoni. The dress consisted of a knitted shift with complex weave: the Missoni look was born. 

All publicity is good publicity 
It wasn’t until 1964 that the Missoni couple had their breakthrough. This year they decided to launch an entire knitwear collection with French designer Emmanuelle Kahn. The collection was shown in Milan two years later. During the show, the models had to walk down the runway bra-less because according to Rosita their underwear didn’t go with the dresses. The public and critics didn’t approve of nufity but the publicity helped to introduce Missoni. Magazines from all around world covered the ‘scandal’ and started to compare Missoni to Chanel.


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