NEW: Gucci Ophidia Belt Bag

24 April 2018

Gucci already scored a huge hit last year with the Marmont belt bags. And the fanny pack trend is still going strong even though many people seem to hate them (or hate that they love them). We however absolutely love them because who doesn’t want to wear a bag without actually holding it? Many brands are designing belt bags as well but in our opinion, Gucci is the absolute frontrunner. It all started with Gucci so why not buy a Gucci belt bag right? The Marmont belt bag is still a really good choice but if you want to go for something else, the newest option of Gucci is amazing as well. The Ophidia Belt bag in suede is the next IT-Bag. As belt bags are having a big comeback for Spring 2018, you cannot go wrong with either of them!

The Ophidia line is an ode to Gucci’s vintage designs, which were great before but even better now! Vintage is totally back! For this line, Gucci was influenced by the sportswear styles popular in the 90s.  The bags are timeless. The classic yet retro design paired with the trending shape of a belt bag is a match made in heaven.. The bag has a suede body with crackled patent leather among the sides. The bag comes straight from Gucci’s runway but it’s a casual piece perfect for everyday wear!


You can wear this bag as a belt bag, so how it basically should be worn. But if you want to go for an unexpected approach, you can wear this bag as a cross body. We secretly adore this way of wearing this trendy piece. The suede is absolutely stunning, a bit understated but still classically Gucci. The classic green and red web detailing is featured in this design as well. The bag is pretty small but perfect for your day-to-day essentials. Especially when you compare it to other belt bags, you’ll find that this one holds more than you’d think. There also is a small slit pocket, perfect for your phone! The dimensions of this beauty are: 18.5 X 13 X 6 CM.