The new Louis Vuitton perfume collection has actual bags in it!

22 August 2016

Remember when we wrote about the 'first' Louis Vuitton perfumes being released in September? We have more information and a first glimpse of the highly anticipated collection!

Second chance 
Louis Vuitton has made a previous attempt in the perfume market during the late 20's, and released perfumes 'Heures d'Absence' and 'Je, tu, il'. The perfumes weren't successful at all and disappeared in the late 40's. But the house is on the rise and has revamped its brand image. So, releasing a new perfume seems like the logical next step. And while rumors about the scent started in 2012, the fashion house took its time and will release its perfume in September.


The collection
The collection consists of 7 perfumes. Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud is the new nose of the house and developed very feminine scents, using an array of floral notes. The scents reflect the life of a modern woman, embracing all her emotions. The bottles are little masterpiece themselves, designed by Marc Newson.  They closely resemble an apothecary flacon, with the name of the fragrance in a black font and the LV logo engraved in the glass. The white and gold packaging are a nod to the original packaging used in the 20's. 

The most special scent is the Mille Feux, with a leather accord. A leather accord doesn't seem like anything special, since a lot of fragrances have this note. The unusual thing is that this perfume contains the real thing, instead of a mimicked leather note made from woods and musks. Scraps of LV handbags and trimmed leather are used for Mille Feux.