The perfect heel height according to Manolo Blahnik

18 May 2016

Designer Manolo Blahnik is at the top of the shoe game. There has never been a shoe designer whose maintained the number one position for so long. And while his competitors are none other than the Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik heels are often called the sexiest shoes in the world, even though his heels are far from the sky-high ones his competitors are selling.


The perfect heel height
When you think of Manolo Blahnik you think of sophisticated and beautiful shoes. One of the ingredients for his shoes are the sophisticated and moderate balance of the heel. His heels often have a sleek and slender stiletto that is not too high. Manolo Blahnik is not a fan of high heels and insists that the perfect heel height for women is two inches. He explains that two inches heels are easy to walk in and that you will still have the movement of the body. "The rest are cartoon shoes. They're just pretty in the picture but you can't walk."