Shop the designer items of Kae Sutherland

23 October 2019

Good news for all designer lovers among us! Famous influencer Kae Sutherland is now selling her pre-owned with-love designer items on our platform. Her jewelry company 4EVER WITH EVERYONE started a few years ago as a hobby, but has grown into a successful company with sales points in the Netherlands and abroad. Besides her jewelry line Kae is also owner of PR agency A-SOCIAAL MEDIA and co-owner of restaurant Bam Boa in Amsterdam.

With over 150K followers on Instagram, Kae has become a true online it-girl. In her pictures she can often be seen with beautiful designer items. We are delighted that she sells some of these beautiful items at Designer-Vintage. Would you like to buy Kae's designer items? Click here and take a look at her boutique.

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