Take a look at Coco Chanel's llustrated biography

25 August 2016

The best plac to draw upon your daily dose of outfit inspiration is not your closet, but your coffee table. Or at least, it could be. The Library of Luminaries collection is extending its assemblage with a book that has our hearts racing with excitement. Coco Chanel: An Illustrated Biography, is their newest edition, and it most certainly deserves a prominent spot on your bookshelf.

Vivid illustrations
The new biography is released by Chronicle books and centers around one of the world's most influential designers, Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel. Zena Alkayat penned down all the main events in Coco's life, consulting Coco's letters and diaries. Nina Crosford pencil-drew all the vivid illustrations, making sure the reader gets a visual insight in the life of Coco. The illustrations are beautifully drawn and really provide that instant boost of inspiration.


No fairytale 
Eventhough an illustrated book might sound a little like a storybook, the events are defintely not romanticised. The book completely covers Gabrielle's childhood, from her mother passing away to her strict life in the orphanage. For Alkayat the accuracy was vital for a true biography and she isn't afraid to bring up some less positive subjects, like Coco Chanel's relationship with a Nazi officer. The rich love life of mademoiselle Chanel is the perfect material for a 'juicy' biography, as she had many beau's like the Duke of Westminster, Pablo Picasso and Pierre Reverdy. 


Feelings involved 
The most important part of the biography is Coco's remarkable career in fashion. We're also treated to Gabrielle's view on fashion. For example, she felt her hard work had been undone by other designers such as Christian Dior and Pierre Balmain, who brought back a narrow womanly silhouette. Which to her was not in line with her feminist view on fashion.