These are the most comfortable heels in the world

01 September 2016

Finding the right pair of heels is never an easy task. Many beautiful heels can only be worn as sit-down-dinner-shoes, while the most comfortable heels aren't always the prettiest... And how about never being able to find the same heel in different heights or different colours or never being able to re-order your favourite pair of pumps. That must sound familiar right? We could only think of one brand to answer to your prayers: Feraggio. 

It took owner Juliette de Vries over a year to develop the perfect heel. Each and every aspect of the shoe was designed with only one underlying thought: 'Maximum comfort without sacrificing the timeless beauty that Feraggio Heels have become known for'. 

Quality above all
Perfectly stylish heels begin with amazing quality, that can be spotted from the other side of the room. Therefore Feraggio heels are made from the best suede and painted in the most intense colours, in the Feraggio tannery. Ofcourse beauty is on the inside too, so they've used the best leather for the inside. This leather helps the shoe to keep its shape and form, has better absorption and feels comfortable. For the ultimate luxurious and sophisticated look, the shoes are made out of a single piece of suede, making sure there are no visible seams. Not an easy task, but definitely worth it. To keep your heels safe from harm, an Inox iron to piece is placed in the under sole. This is to prevent damage of the toe when walking.


The Feraggio heels have comfort as a top priority, so all the details are focussed on ultimate wearability, or as Feraggio calls it: heelability. For example, a footbed out of memory foam molds to one's foot and provides an incredible amount of support and is relieving pressure. To be able to walk or dance, without slipping out of the shoe, a non-slip suede inside heel is placed in the shoe. Ofcourse comfort depends on the heel height, therefore Feraggio's come in both 7,5 cm and 10 cm. The heel is straight, but slightly bent inwards, for comfort during walking. Never fear a rough path, as the heel is unbreakable. 

Luxurious touch
To add that extra bit of luxury to the shoes, the Feraggio heels come with a black box. The black box helps you to storage your heels, giving it easy access by the unique pull out drawer. An image label helps you the find the right pair immediately. Every shoe needs some TLC from time to time, Feraggio heels are not an exception. Therefore the shoes come with a care kit, to maintain the beautiful suede. 

Get your own new pair of Feraggio heels:
Owner Juliette de Vries has her own boutique on, filled with beautiful hardly worn Feraggio heels.